Slideshow: Beauty is skin deep

Flawless Skin

Body care for a flawless skin

Our bodies are figuratively likened to temples because as a spectacular type of building, the body requires special care for a flawless skin

Build clean habits for body care

Body Care- African male model

The starting point for proper body care begins with making dedicated efforts to build regular hygienic habits for an ever-fresh look. After all as the saying goes, "cleanliness is next to Godliness" 

Its all about Hygiene

Hygienic couple in bathrobes

Hygiene goes beyond just being clean to involve all the many practices that help people stay healthy such as regularly brushing the teeth, shaving, proper waste disposal, etc.

And who says it can't be fun?


Beauty and Health

Stress can affect your skin

The state of a person’s health and a positive perception of beauty greatly impacts happiness and as such, failing health wise can overshadow everything going on in the life of an individual

Graceful ageing

African Senior Citizens aging gracefully

Paying attention to details and special care are needful to ensure good health and graceful aging.


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