3 reasons why doctors & health professionals ‘beef’ Chicken Eggs!

Health Benefits of Whole Eggs-Myths

In very recent times, we’ve talked about eggs a couple of times from its health benefits to its nutrient composition, to even very simple practical kitchen tips to test for fresh eggs.

But still, I realise that a lot of people just stay stuck on traditional beliefs about foods. It is often worse when there have been records of panic messages for a particular food as has been the case with eggs consumption, so it becomes imperative to confront some of those opinions. While many notions about eggs are unfounded, some others are genuine health concerns.

So far, these are the 3 most understandable possible health risks associated with eggs consumptions- which by extension, are the 3 most prominent reasons why some doctors and other health professionals ‘beef’ chicken eggs:

1. Eggs & Allergy. Some of the proteins found in eggs can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Because food allergies somewhat correlate to the protein particle size, the degree of sensitivity may vary even from person to person.

In addition to that, the high protein nature of eggs makes them easily coagulate under heat; hence people with mild allergies to eggs may still be able to handle eating egg-laden cooked foods in forms like cakes & pastries.

In reality, eggs are just one of the many other popular foods that a good number people seem to be allergic to. Wait, can someone be allergic to food? Well, the answer is YES! And you should find out more about that and see a list of some of the most common foods people are allergic to.

Egg Yolk-healthy cooking2. Eggs & Cholesterol. Cholesterol is increasing gaining prominence as the new medical lingo for the ‘C’ letter (#HEARTdiseases). For many people, the fact that eggs contain cholesterol has made it a direct parallel to being implicated in developing arteriosclerosis, which is the springboard for cardiovascular disease.

The fact is that all its cholesterol is solely within the egg yolk, so if you totally want to avoid them, then eat just the egg white! Moreover, an average sized egg contains roughly between 185-210g of Cholesterol (daily recommended intake is 300g in healthy people and 200g in those with heart disease according to Mayo Clinic). Hopefully, these numbers should give you a clearer picture. Also see this piece by Harvard School of Public Health on eggs and heart diseases.

Besides, a much more profound truth about cholesterol is that the blood levels of cholesterol is more directly affected by the type of fats (“Good vs. Bad Fats”) eaten than by intake of dietary cholesterol.

3. Eggs & Food Safety. Food safety with respect to eggs is often underestimated but yet a very critical factor we ought to be concerned about to avoid food poisoning.

Salmonella is a bacterium that is commonly found in both within the egg and on its shell even when the egg looks normal. This is why it is NOT advisable to eat eggs raw. See some other practical kitchen tips for healthy eating & eggs.

Fortunately, practising food safety when handling eggs bothers along basic hygiene habits like hand washing to more economic kitchen habits like proper refrigeration and ultimately discarding stale eggs!

How to test for Fresh Eggs

On a final note, eggs are good sources of nutrients and are especially rich proteins and some vitamins. They are excellent during rapid growth phases of life so can be especially handy in selecting a balanced diet for children.

The minimal fats contained in eggs are emulsified thus, facilitating their digestion. Eggs also have minimal calories too! It is also worthy of note that eggs does not produce uric acid in the body, as opposed to other protein sources such as legumes, fish and meats.

And finally, eggs have enjoyed advanced food processing and there widely available cholesterol-free egg substitutes, which are made from egg whites.

Consider this as a full disclosure about Eggs and learn to make healthy food choices.


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