4 things you should absolutely know about Male Circumcision, Sex & HIV -HALA TGIF Infographic

 Interesting Circumcision, Sex and HIV AIDS facts-infographic

Male Circumcision and the Sexual health basics for prevention of HIV

  1. Circumcision is a one-time intervention that provides men with a lifelong partial protection against HIV as well as some other sexually transmitted infections. It can be done at any stage, that is during infancy, childhood, adolescence or adulthood.
  2. Circumcision only reduces directly, female to male transmission. No evidence suggests that it has any effect on male to female transmission. However, the lower the number of men infected, the lower the number of women that also will be infected. Therefore, it is proposed that in the long run it will also indirectly reduce female transmission up to 46%.
  3. So far, circumcision has not being proven to directly affect transmission in men who have sex with other men. There is insufficient evidence to show that it prevents HIV transmission here.
  4. Other medical benefits of circumcision includes prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), prophylaxis to prevent development of phimosis (the inability to retract the foreskin over the glans penis), protects against penile cancer in men and cervical cancer in women.

How does male circumcision relate with HIV?


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