Beyond just swallowing drugs; Why you need to Exercise and stay HAPPY

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Studying death statistics over a decade revealed a link between psychological distress (anxiety or depression) and premature death while Exercise may work like Anti-depressants

Apparently, our craze for celebs with the perfect bodies is in itself not enough motivation to exercise- at least for the multitude of those who are not exactly planning on becoming Hollywood celebs and that is fair enough. And I’m honestly not sure yet of how to quantify the logical attractiveness of consistently exercising for its healthy-living benefits which most people wrongly think only has long term effects. Anyway, researchers are constantly putting all the facts and figures together with highlights on real life scenarios so these are the latest independent reports that on studies that link exercising rather than sedentary lifestyle, depression/anxiety as opposed to happiness, and healthy living as opposed to premature deaths.

The first is a recently published study that specifically analysed the effect of exercise on people with heart disease alongside with depression. And in very precise terms, the researchers concluded thus:

People with heart disease who are also depressed may get as much relief from their depression symptoms with regular exercise as with medication

They gathered similarly affected patients and divided them into three groups that were separately placed on Exercise, the anti-depressant Zoloft (Setraline) and Drug-free placebos.

The result actually showed an improvement across board in all three categories but especially noted that the affected patients who were under supervised exercise sessions three times per week for a total of 90 minutes as well as those on their anti-depressant medication, Zoloft (Setraline) improved significantly compared to participants assigned to drug-free placebo pills. The evidence: patients’ depression scores fell by 6.1 points in the Zoloft group, by 7.5 points among exercisers and by 4.5 points in the placebo group.

“Exercisers were also less likely to be tired or report sexual problems than people on antidepressants”, the researchers said.

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Now here is another new study that was recently published by in the British Medical Journal. Researchers from the University College London and Edinburg University found that people who suffer from mild mental diseases, specifically, Anxiety or Depression are more likely to die early.

The researchers analyzed the data of 68, 000 people in England who died prematurely from conditions such as heart diseases and cancer from 1994 to 2004. On a standardized scale from survey data and review of death certificates, the results showed that people who experienced symptoms of anxiety or depression had a higher risk of death from several causes, including cardiovascular disease, than those without any such symptoms. More specifically, they noted that low-level distress raised the risk by 16 percent, while more serious problems increased it by 67 percent, though lifestyle factors such as drinking and smoking were taken into account.

Ill-health is certainly not fun for anybody so it is not surprising that several people with ill-health tilt into depression, especially among patients with long-standing/chronic disease conditions. Sadly, depression in itself seems to just have a continuous downward spiral turn on our health. This makes scientific proof of the benefits of exercise to be really useful. So rather than just the notion of patients lying in bed all day, more and more doctors should actually encourage their patients to “shake it up” a bit from at least, as little as walking around to receive some fresh air.

And of course, there are a whole lot of other reasons to get it right with Exercise and staying happy.



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