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Healthy Mixed fruit drink recipe

Do this at home! Free home-made recipe for a healthy mixed fruit drink

Best Milk choices for Cholesterol control

Basic healthy eating tips you need to know about Milk for Cholesterol Control

As people have increasingly become more conscious of healthy eating over the years, milk has been literally touted as the all-in-one near perfect food laden with so much nutritional goodness. In fact, even though milk does not belong to the 6 classes of food (Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals & Water), general food guides have somehow […]

Nutrient filled Yogurt-Health Benefits

Yogurt, the Nutritiously sweet and healthy milk product

  It turns out that Yogurt is actually healthier than you may think! Yogurt is the semi white fermented cow’s milk with a peculiar acid or sour taste. This milk product is produced by inoculating milk at 2% proportion with a bacterium, lactobacillus between the temperatures of 40⁰C- 45⁰C. This process of bacteria fermentation converts […]

Healthy Milk- Non-dairy milk products

Milk Health Benefits: Pros and Cons of Dairy and Non-Dairy Milk

Milk is said to be the most complete single food providing practically several necessary nutrients. This is justified by the fact that mammals including human beings have their young ones start out on milk (breast milk) and milk alone. From our previous discussion on the different types of milk, each of them possess different peculiarities […]

Soy Beans-Soymilk-Non dairy milk

Soya Milk: the cheap and healthy Non-Diary milk source

As already noted in the first part of this discuss, there are different types/sources of milk such as Dairy and Non-Diary types of milk. Today’s focus starts off with the later. The two most popular (and perhaps, under-utilized) types of non-diary milk in our environment are: Soy Milk, and Coconut Milk Other examples include: Almond Milk, […]

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