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Weight loss Myths or Tips

Sex, Diet, Breast feeding, Goal setting and Weight loss Myths: True or False?

#Weight loss Myths: True or False? Fact or Fiction? Sex burns calories. Taking breakfast helps with weight loss. Small changes in caloric intake produce long term weight loss. Breastfeeding helps to prevent obesity in the child. A study from the very recent publication in the New England Journal of Medicine x-rays some interesting and popular […]

For ‘Crash Diet’ Weight losers: Lose the Weight, not yourself!

This is a special piece for anyone interested in or already attempting to shed some weight… and is especially dedicated to anyone who has ever attempted to “sharply” lose weight by a magic bullet. 🙂 In the spirit of #Healthy-living, you really don’t have to wait until you grow from being overweight into being obese […]

Body type-Lean body mass-body fat-BMI

Are you on a Weight loss trip? 10 ‘regular’ things you may not know about your body!

How much do you know about your body? The popular philosopher Socrates says: “Man Know thy self.” We love to talk about #Healthy-living around here a lot, so today’s feature basically feels like a basic A,B,C sort of stuff… or is it? Different people have different body types and the basic knowledge of this helps […]

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