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Kim and Khloe Kardashian

Getting legal with $45M worth of Kim and Khloe Kardashian’s QuickTrim Diet Drug

So Kim K and her diva sister Khloe are probably about to get their hands burnt in a class-action lawsuit over their claims about the wonder QuickTrim diet drug they have an endorsement deal on. Gist from the New York Post has it that a NY Law firm, Bursor & Fisher has filed a class-action […]

Exercise frustration

In Search for a Solution to Obesity- when Dieting and Exercise fails.

With the ascent of big screen looks, run way models and Hollywood Celebrities’ sexy bodies frenzy by the media, issues of excessive weight primarily bordered on concerns with regards to self-esteem. However, with more knowledge and practice of evidence-based medicine leading to better understanding of diseases plus the increasing cost of healthcare- with obesity right […]

Snickers Candy Bars by Mars

CSR: A New Business Model for the Health Industry

When Retail Stores take on the healthy foods campaign The idea of Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR is centered on how companies manage the affairs of their business and still positively create social impact. I like Wikepdia’s explanation of CSR as a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model with policies that ensure active […]

Food Supplements

What marketing companies may NEVER tell you about Food Supplements

uite a number of us have tried out food supplements, which are more often than not ascribed numerous “magical” functions. It is not an uncommon sight to see marketers peddling food supplements and claiming that they help with one condition or the other, or to boost the immunity. And many of us have fallen for that, […]

Fancy Foods


Festive seasons everywhere are characterized by fun and merriment with lots and lots of eating. It is therefore not surprising that health related issues and hospital visits at such periods are laden with complains bordering around the gastrointestinal system to various degrees from indigestion to food poisoning. Indigestion is a non-specific term used to describe […]

Brazillian Football legend Socrates

Food Poisoning- takes out football legend SOCRATES

A poison is any dangerous substance that causes injury or illness especially by chemical means with a very likely consequence of death; often done as a deliberate mischief by an ‘enemy’. To connote a sumptuous looking meal as poisonous may be too brash but the term ‘Food poisoning’ is descriptive of the occurrence of symptoms […]

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