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Male and female sex symbols-infertility

Spotlight on Infertility- TREATMENT Options

Last week, we started on the Spotlight on Infertility- Is infertility a social issue or a medical problem? This week continues on its available infertility treatment options. Before embarking on treatment there should be proper investigations. The patients should be fully examined while investigations should be relevant. Different Infertility Treatment Options based on its Causes Treating [...]

Drug Prophylaxis. TRUVADA has been recommended for FDA approval for the Prevention of HIV infection

A drug TRUVADA, for the first time ever, has been recommended for FDA approval for Prevention of HIV infection

Healthy people at increased risk of contracting HIV sexually may be able to prevent HIV infection through the drug, TRUVADA. This is really breaking news as history is in the making with the first ever attempt to use a drug as prophylaxis in healthy people against the deadly HIV/AIDS epidemic. The United States Food and [...]

Face of an African Woman

Girl: Help, I’m growing moustache!

As an African female, it is quite understandable to raise alarm over growing facial hairs because the less feminine look would probably not go unnoticed unlike if you were native Indian women or from the Mediterranean regions where they naturally have more body hairs. Expectedly, extra servings of hair follicles around un-feminine areas like the [...]

African woman exfoliating skin on leg

What business has Diabetes got with the Skin?

Diabetes Mellitus, DM for short, is a metabolic disorder causing an abnormally high blood sugar (glucose) level due to either insufficient insulin production or shear resistance to absorb the glucose by the body tissues. DM affects not only carbohydrates but also proteins and fats usage in the body. Obviously, treatment is therefore targeted at keeping [...]

Kill Malaria No Mosquito

Hope on the horizon for the Cheapest Anti-Malarial drugs yet

The fact that Malaria is a global burden is scarcely news, or more like the news is its underestimation as a chief killer of both the adult populace and children under 5 years of age. The current WHO recommendation as first-line treatment option of anti-malarial drugs is the Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT). However, because Artemisinin [...]

Exercise frustration

In Search for a Solution to Obesity- when Dieting and Exercise fails.

With the ascent of big screen looks, run way models and Hollywood Celebrities’ sexy bodies frenzy by the media, issues of excessive weight primarily bordered on concerns with regards to self-esteem. However, with more knowledge and practice of evidence-based medicine leading to better understanding of diseases plus the increasing cost of healthcare- with obesity right [...]


All you need to know about Lassa Fever

Lassa Fever is an acute viral infection and is among one of the causes of Haemorrhagic Fever- a group of four viral infections (Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever, Marburg-Ebola Disease and Lassa Fever) characterized by high grade fevers in association with bleeding disorders, often quickly resulting in death. It is a Zoonotic disease meaning that it [...]

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