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Diseases do not recognize silos (Watch Video)

Immunization stops Childhood preventable diseases

Preventing over 17% annual childhood deaths: Pentavalent, Rotavirus & Pneumococcal Vaccines

The latest report (pdf) released by the UNICEF sites Pneumonia and Diarrhoea as the topmost causes of death in children <5years age group all around the world, with the poorer countries being more affected, but even worse is that half of these deaths occur in five (5) countries- India, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo Pakistan [...]

Vaccine Flask

Cost Effective Innovation: Vaccine Insulator

A new and practical innovation of insulating materials that can fit inside icepacks to transport and store vaccines more effectively are about to enter field trials. It is produced by a global NGO, Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH). Vaccines are simply biological preparations designed to either actively or passively produce immunity against a [...]

medical hygiene

Nosocomial Infections: Is it possible to walk out of a hospital sicker than when you came in?

The first time I heard about bed bugs (‘chinch’) was during my junior secondary school class in the boarding school. I had subjected one of my dorm mates to so much mockery that I could not help thinking ‘Nemesis’ earlier this year when I was thoroughly bitten at a hospital waiting room couch! It was [...]

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