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Getting to Zero-HIV-AIDS in Nigeria

“Getting to Zero”: Nigeria’s progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS

The reality of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria HIV/AIDS is a major threat to development, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. The devastating effects of the AIDS epidemic are mostly seen in this region, which is home to the over 23 million of the 34 million people living with HIV worldwide, according to the UNAIDS 2012 report. HIV prevalence […]

HIV-AIDS-Innovation-fresh-distinct-HALA Magazine

#HIV/AIDS: “Getting to Zero” is now about us!

This is the Editor’s Ink as featured on HALA Magazine (No. 4) themed HIV/AIDS.  ne thing is for certain: the advent of HIV/AIDS came packaged with the anecdote of fear and hopelessness which largely incited stigmatization -out of a fear of the unknown. Subsequently emerging statistics mapping out pockets of HIV dense regions zeroed in […]

Public Health- Systems and Policies

Diseases do not recognize silos (Watch Video)

n the recently released Global Burden of Disease report (see here), we see evidence that giant strides have been made towards reducing death and disease from infectious disease. This is largely due to the concerted mobilization of resources, financial and otherwise, towards the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  At the same time, fears […]

Free live chat on #HighBP/Hypertension with Prof. Basden J. Onwubere

Upcoming Event: FREE Live Chat on #HighBP with the Consultant Cardiologist (Prof. Basden. J. Onwubere)

Event Description: According to the latest WHO world health statistics, as many as 1 in 3 adults all over the world have hypertension (high blood pressure). The situation is much worse in Africa where about 40-50% of people with hypertension are not even aware that they have it! Living with high blood pressure is a […]

Truvada- Drug for HIV Prevention

Some facts you should know about TRUVADA, the first HIV Prevention drug

HIV Prevention: Healthy people at increased risk of contracting HIV sexually may now prevent HIV infection through the drug, TRUVADA. Two separate studies were recently done to further test the efficacy of Truvada, the new HIV wonder drug awaiting final approval to be used as a HIV prophylaxis or prevention drug in non-infected but high […]

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