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Healthy Growth and Profitability

Portfolio Management: the solution for cheaper and healthier living

An astute surgeon over an interview when asked why he choose to become a surgeon rather than a physician honestly but jokingly answered: “I didn’t want to become a physician because most of my patients would inadvertently tag along with me as unsolicited ‘family friends’ and courteously extend their burial invite to me when my […]

Healing centre

INFECTIONS- ‘Staph’ oh ‘Staph’

Having worked in various hospital settings, the word ‘infection’ is one of the most loosely used medical terminology often ascribed to almost every illness. Understandably, the commonest ailments within our environment and indeed, sub-Saharan Africa arise from infectious agents. In the world of medicine, infection simply describes when any part of the body is invaded […]

stethoscope on a black doctor

PRIVACY INVASION-The Doctors call it History Taking

A keen observation of all hospital aisles and waiting rooms gives credence to the popular saying that people’s problems are just as different as their faces. But this divergence reverses to a convergence within the confines of the doctor’s consulting room as the vast majority of patients have one question in common: ‘Why is this […]

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