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Painful Menstration-Dysmenorrhoea

10 simple ways to deal with painful menstruation (Dysmenorrhoea)

We just talked about some of the most common harmful possible side effects of Aspirin & other NSAIDS, which have probably gained their popularity from their fast relief of dysmenorrheal cramps. But then, many ladies would still stick to their tablets anyway, so we may as well get real and start with practical ways to […]

Aspirin and NSAIDs for Dysmenorrhoea-Mentrual Cramps

ASPIRIN? What every girl needs to know about Dysmenorrhea drugs!

#Dysmenorrhea: What every girl should know about Aspirin ASPIRIN is understandably a handy favorite for many ladies who experience painful monthly cycles. The drug often works like charm in causing the often excruciating pain to go away. Almost a wonder pill, that tiny tablet is not as innocuous as it appears. Before I get down […]

Mulitiple drugs- Online Pharmacy

#Chloroquine and Malaria treatment options- in pregnancy & for visitors

Get started here on basic malaria 101 in Nigeria. There is a fundamental need to always conduct a test before treating malaria. *The officially recommended Anti-Malarial Drugs: ACTs Globally, the first line treatment option is clearly the currently WHO recommended anti-malarial drugs, the Artemesinin Combination Therapy (ACTs). The two ACTs recommended for use in Nigeria are: […]

Malaria-Mosquito-Symptoms and treatment

Symptoms, Signs and Prevention of Malaria

MALARIA  does not have its own peculiar symptoms but the most common associated features are fever with or without chills and rigors (shivering), headaches, bitter taste in mouth, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, joint aches and a general feeling of unwell. Fever is a non-specific symptom because it could also be similarly present in other […]

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