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stethoscope on a black doctor

PRIVACY INVASION-The Doctors call it History Taking

A keen observation of all hospital aisles and waiting rooms gives credence to the popular saying that people’s problems are just as different as their faces. But this divergence reverses to a convergence within the confines of the doctor’s consulting room as the vast majority of patients have one question in common: ‘Why is this […]

Nobel Prize Medicine 2011

Malaria and the 2011 Nobel Prize

This year’s Nobel prize in Medicine was awarded (to Bruce A. Beutler, Jules A. Hoffmann and Ralph M. Steinman) for their outstanding discoveries that built our modern day understanding of the Immune System (both Innate and Acquired Immunity) from works that started since the nineties. The breakthrough in Innate Immunity came from studies that revealed […]

Steve Jobs Ipod

The World mourns the legendary STEVE JOBS

 Apple fans flock to Beijing Store- Wall Street Journal  Steve Jobs “may never be equaled”- 234 Next Apple’s legend, Jobs had transformed our lives- Obama Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world- Mark Zuckerberg That Steve Jobs had been battling with cancer is not news anymore than that now at his […]

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