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Benefits of Exercising-lifestyle

Why exercise? Benefits of Exercising as a lifestyle

My previously post on this subject of exercising was on the key health benefits of exercising. Indeed, the popularity of exercising as a medical advice stems from the many accompanying preventable health implications of Obesity which has unconsciously sold the notion that perhaps, slimmer people don’t need to exercise. This is not entirely correct because weight [...]

Shop Smart by reading Food Labels

How to learn Nutrition Facts from Food labels

It is not difficult to know the Nutritional Facts about different foods. Health and nutrition information on food labels is an important public health tool for content disclosure and to promote a more knowledgeable consumer and a healthy society. The information on food labels help consumers understand the nutritional values and health benefits of a particular product [...]

Reumofan Plus- Banned Food Suppliment for Arthritis

Away with the “Food Supplements”: Reumofan Plus (and Premium) gets Banned and Recalled

Many practicing medical doctors have their reservations about so called food/dietary supplements- and not without reasons too. First among the list of reasons is the fact that unlike drugs, these food supplements are not subjected to the same rigorous process of testing and human trials before they are unleashed upon the unsuspecting buyers. And also [...]

10 tips for healthier food-groceries shopping

10 simple tips for healthier food shopping

How Not to ‘Shop’ (for) FOOD POISONING! The term food poisoning refers to illnesses transmitted to people mostly through disease causing micro organisms or poisonous substances in foods (toxicants). In most illnesses, the acute symptoms are temporary with just mild forms of abdominal cramps, headache, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Sometimes the symptoms can get severe [...]

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