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Nagging Chronic Headache

This my nagging Headache!

Deadlines, computer screens, phone calls, boss on my neck, vendor palava, and the list can be unending sometimes. Little wonder why headaches are the commonest complains in the work environment. There are different types of headaches and are classified according to their characteristic nature which often points to its cause. The commonest by far is […] Infographic

HALA’s Project

The Problem Nigeria (and Sub-Saharan Africa) has the worst health statistics Most of our diseases are Preventable Health information typically comes from Neighbours & Roadside drug sellers Leading to a prevalence of Myths/Misconceptions Culminates in Late Hospital Visits HALA’s Proposed Solution Here is a snapshot of our DEMO page This is a huge vision which […]

Exercise your way to a healthy lifestyle

People who are physically active tend to live longer healthier lives. Several researches have shown that people who engage in at least 30 minutes of physical exercise daily can significantly reduce their body weight and blood sugar levels- both risk factors for hypertension, and also build dense bones. Exercise also helps to improve the blood […]

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