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Couple in Bed- Sexual Health

Innovations in the fight against HIV: Toll-Free HIV Help lines in Nigeria

Collection of coloured condoms-STDs

$100, 000 Reward for whoever develops the Next Generation CONDOM!

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are on a search to offer $100, 000 grant to anyone who can come up with an innovative condom re-invention into what they have called the Next Generation Condom. This next generation condom concept is connoted by characteristics that would improve the uptake and ease of use such as […]

HIV Silence-Societal Norms and Taboos

Watch: Kenyan Condom Advert gone wrong? – HALA TGIF Video pick

The Kenyan video advert for promoting the use of Condoms was aired on TV and recently pulled off after several outcries in objection by different quarters. Advert Transcription: Two women are walking to the market. Woman 1 asks Woman 2 how she and her husband are. Woman 2 says her husband has become a drunkard […]

Sex Talks- sexual health

Innovations in the fight against HIV: the advent of “Sperm Washing”

#HIV: Gaining victory through innovation! Although a definite cure for HIV has not been discovered yet (despite claims from quarters in Nigeria), the fight against HIV has reached a crescendo where innovative breakthroughs have demystified the dreaded HIV, inspiring high hopes of getting to zero. These three are our unique picks as featured on our #HIV/AIDS edition of HALA Magazine. The […]

Interesting Circumcision, Sex and HIV AIDS facts-infographic

4 things you should absolutely know about Male Circumcision, Sex & HIV -HALA TGIF Infographic

Male Circumcision and the Sexual health basics for prevention of HIV Circumcision is a one-time intervention that provides men with a lifelong partial protection against HIV as well as some other sexually transmitted infections. It can be done at any stage, that is during infancy, childhood, adolescence or adulthood. Circumcision only reduces directly, female to […]

Sex can make you feel Lovestruck-Endorphins

5 things you really want to know about SEX!

Outside the confines of the parent-child awkward moment sex talk (for the ‘privileged few’), very few get to actually talk or have proper conversations about sex, yet everyone has their opinion on sex. Our individual predispositions (which is mostly informed by our knowledge + experience) determines to what degree you’d feel free to talk about […]

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