Do this at home! Free home-made recipe for a healthy mixed fruit drink

Healthy Mixed fruit drink recipe

We are pretty hot about this holiday season so here right here from our food/diet stables, we make you an offering to consider this season as an opportunity to try out some new things! Therefore, for the next three weeks, we will be suggesting some wonderful recipes that you can try out this festive period.

Have you dreamed of being the manufacturer of your very own customized home-made drinks to be used this Christmas? Producing your own drinks will not be a bad idea because it will avail you the opportunity of enjoying fresh and nutritious drinks served by yourself! Not to mention a fun way to cut down on the regular highly refined and flavoured or carbonated drinks we have around. Here are some ideas of non alcoholic drinks for you.

Ingredients (To cater for 4 servings)

  • 1 litre of fresh orange or pine apple juice
  • ½ litre of any lemon soft drink
  • 1 apple
  • 1 orange/ lemon
  • 100g (small cut) of water melon

Home-made Recipe for Preparation

1                     Cut the water melon and apple into small cubes

2                     Wash and slice the orange or lemon. Do not peel.

3                     Pour the fresh orange or pineapple juice and the lemon soft drink in a jug.

4                     Add the diced fruit.

5                     Chill in the refrigerator for 2 or 3 hours

6                     Serve the drink very cold  with the fruit pieces and ice

For an even healthier alternative: Instead of the lemon soft drink, you can use the juice of two lemons or one lime and ½ litre of water. Add sweetener to taste. Also note that his drink may take a large variety of fruits as you desire (talk about customization for your very own healthy recipe).

#Less Sugar: Healthier Alternatives of Sugar Substitutes


Dietician’s Note: This is a refreshing and nutritive drink and it has the advantage of being non alcoholic and at the same time rich in vitamins and sugars from the fruits. It will supply a reasonable amount of energy which can be invigorating and help alleviate tiredness and fatigue while refreshing the body. Its rich vitamins and antioxidants can protect against arteriosclerosis.

Did you know Guava has four times more Vitamin C than other Citrus fruits?



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