Easy to treat Pneumonia is the topmost child killer in Nigeria (Infographic)

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Pneumonia holds the world record as the top disease killer of children under the age of 5. About 98% of the deaths from pneumonia occur within developing countries such as Nigeria, Malawi, etc and yet being an infection is very easy to treat with the proper use of Antibiotics and can even be largely preventable.


Infographic: Preventable Child Deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa

Preventing over 17% of Annual Child Deaths with Vaccines

Preterm births tops death charts in newborns,  and Pneumonia in children <5yrs

Today is celebrated as the WORLD PNEUMONIA DAY #WPD2012 and HALA is proud to share this succinct animated infographic created by the worldpneumoniaday.org to raise awareness.

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#WPD2012 Infographic with extra spotlight on Nigeria:


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