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The hair is an integral visible part of us that cannot be neglected. From keeping it as low as possible to making it look waist-length long, the hair still requires some form of active care if you want a winning look. Ignore the male folks who visit the saloon on a weekly basis yet make a fuse about the ladies’ attention to their hair who comparably only do so in an average of three weeks interval.

Hair care requires the use of many chemicals ranging from the regular hair creams, sportin’ waves gel, shampoos to relaxers, so our business today is to emphasize how we can go about this the healthy way. More than ever before, looks, glitz and glamour have become so important for to find the right guys and in some places to keep the job, so while a little compromise of health for beauty may not seem to faze many, some others are not aware of what they may be in for.

In the last quarter of last year, the US Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released a hazard alert update on a group of hair products containing high levels of formaldehyde that rivals typical funeral homes handling. These products specifically used to straighten the hair with a flat iron had gained widespread usage and Hollywood stars endorsements. Formaldehyde is a strong preservative used in morgues, called formalin for short and they are quite unpleasant to work with having harmful side effects like burning teary eyes, sore throat, dizziness, difficulty breathing, bloody nose, rashes, itching, hair loss, chest pain, and an increased risk of cancer. The Brazil-originated products had proven its efficiency in the art of keeping hair straight which caused it to make waves as soon as it hit the international markets. Before long, the sporadic complains among different uses caught the attention of the authorities which lead to their ban in Australia, Ireland, France, Germany and Canada. Being an occasional customer with only a once in a while usage may be less risky but still exposes you to its harmful side effects nonetheless, but unfortunately, the harmful effects stemming from formaldehyde can be devastating for a salon worker who is exposed on a daily basis.

Okay granted, maybe guys will never feel obligated to bear physical distress just to look good but anyways, while you adorn your hair to look dashing for work or that next interview, here are some tips to help u stay within the healthy zone:

  1. Make it a habit to read the product labels
  2. Get your own clipper and if possible stick to a barber you are comfortable with
  3. Fire your current hair stylists if they pull on your hair too tightly
  4. Utilize the power of Shea butter to revitalize and improve your hair texture
  5. Change your hair relaxer if your current one hurts like hell- you should not stay hung up on a relaxer because of a brand name!

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