First Aid: How to treat Burns injury from hot oil


First Aid

Angela was hurriedly cooking in the kitchen, multi-tasking as usual with “everything under control”. She had just finished frying plantains for the fried rice so she wasn’t surprised to hear her 5 years old nephew, Joshua running into the kitchen to ask for ‘some plantain to taste’.

First aid for burns injury in kitchen

While considering the thought of which aunty role to play- “the ever-giving” nice aunty or the disciplinarian that says: “wait for your food”, she was transfixed to turn and hear Joshua’s happy voice quickly turn into a scream of pain with tears rolling down his face!

Trying to reach the plantain himself, he tripped the frying spoon and spilled hot oil on his hands, now the little boy was writhing in so much pain as his skin turned red and swollen; she wasn’t even sure of what to do…

MYTH- Massage oil or balm on the skin surface with the burn.

FIRST AID for Burns Injury

  •        CALM DOWN.

i.            Remove the source of the burn and remove any worn jewelry in the area

ii.            Get the affected skin surface to stay under a running water/tap for about 5-10 minutes or dip a clean cloth in Run cool water over burns-First aidcold water and place it over the area (Ice is NOT recommended).

iii.            Simply keep the surface clean. If the area is wide, then you should cover it with a thin piece of gauze bandage just for the protection so tie it loosely

iv.            Depending on the severity, type and size of the burn, it may eventually form a blister. DO NOT burst a blister as it is prone to get infected that way.

When the blister bursts by itself, do your best to keep it clean by properly cleansing in running water and at this point, you may see a doctor who will properly take off the stretched dead skin over the blister and decide whether or not, you require an antibiotic ointment for further treatment.

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