Series: Discover key essentials to Good Nutrition

Good food

Good nutrition is synonymous to good health; “you are what you eat” they say. It is important to pay careful attention to what we eat, how we eat and when we eat. This will go a long way to dictate our nutritional and health status. It will interest you to know that in your life time, you will eat about 70,000 meals and 60 tonnes of food!

Food is very essential to life and its components are essential for the maintenance of health. Food provides nutrients needed to build and maintain all body cells. These nutrients are vital for growth and maintenance of healthy body througout life. Some nutrients are considered essential because their omission in the diet over a period of time will lead to a decline in certain aspect of human health e.g. function of the nervous system; and if the omitted nutrients are restored before permanent damage occur, the aspect of human health hampered by its absence should regain normal functions. Therefore to attain and/or maintain a good nutritional status, we must ensure that our diets are adequate which means that all the classes  of nutrient are represented in their adequate quantity and quality with respect to age, sex, physical activity and level of stress at a particular time.

Stick around with us as we will start off these weeklies with Pharmacy on your plate series next week.


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