Great Healthy Habits For Your Workplace

Great Healthy Habits For Your Workplace

Spending all day at your desk in the office can be an unhealthy habit for a number of reasons.

Sure, you are doing your job, making money, and hopefully contributing to society in some way, but at a standard desk job, your physical health can literally be in jeopardy. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to incorporate some healthy habits into your workplace routine.

Take a lap

On average, humans are sitting down for a great majority of the day. Not only is this a  time frame when you are not exercising and getting your heart rate up, but sitting for too long can have negative effects on your circulation and cardiovascular system. While some offices are moving toward standing desks – elevated work services that encourage workers to spend at least part of the day on their feet, even when confined to desktop work – this is not practical for everyone. You should try and get up and stretch your legs at least once every hour or two. You need to get your blood moving/circulating, even if it is just a walk around your cubicle, or a trip to the water cooler…which brings us to our next point!

Don’t forget to hydrate

A normal day at the office does not usually require a lot of physical exertion and sweating, still, that is no reason not to drink water throughout the day. Water keeps your system hydrated, flushes out toxins, and overall just helps keep your body in balance. Plus, drinking plenty of water also gives you plenty of excuses to get out of your chair and head back for a refill or an expel.

Pack a lunchbox

A common health problem among office workers is an unhealthy diet. Most offices do not come equipped with a full salad bar and kitchen stocked with healthy snacks, so more often than not, workers find themselves dining out or ordering in from the nearest convenient eatery. Eating out once in a while is fine, but nutritional value and portion control are often sacrificed in commercial ventures, leaving the worker on a lunch break to spend a lot of money on a meal they might not get much out of. A better alternative is pack a lunch (if you can). You know what you are putting into your lunch, and can better match it to your needs and diet. Plus, you usually end up saving money, which is nice!

How to always have a healthy Lunch on the run!

Don’t forget about your mental health

In addition to your physical health, it is equally important to consider your mental health in terms of your workplace environment. Make sure you have an open relationship with your boss, and you feel that you are treated with respect by both your superiors and colleagues. Avoid getting wrapped up in petty office gossip, and try and form real friendships that will not get in the way of your work. If you are not happy at your current work place, look for a new job. You will find many new job vacancies on this page.

You spend the majority of your day at the office, so it only makes sense to incorporate healthy living practices into your workplace routine. These tips are easy and accessible to all. Healthy working!

This article is a Guest Contribution from Mary Johnson; she is a freelance writer who specializes in health and lifestyle articles. With a background in journalism, she has written several articles across the Web, and is currently collaborating with


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