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As a critical success factor in fulfilling our mission as an NGO, HALA’s priority objective is to be a credible, authoritative source for health loving Africans, while we promote a culture of healthy-living among Africans, by ensuring that we always provide accurate, timely, targeted and reliable health information.

As most of our content on www.hala-hi.org focuses on diseases, health conditions, wellness tips, or issues containing health claims, all of our original content is either produced or reviewed by a member of this Editorial Team.

As key to maintaining our Editorial Integrity, these core decision-makers that constitute HALA Editorial Team, who ultimately determine what we publish, are strictly Board-Certified Physicians and/or Licensed Health Professionals. They share a dedication to ethical behavior and the highest professional standards irrespective of the topic, news, event or health issue under discussion.

Details about each of them (both physicians and other health professionals) are always published alongside every medical article published to their credit.

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Meaning of Qualification Acronyms:

* Dr. – Doctor. Loosely used on this Site as descriptive titles for all Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) licensed Medical Doctors.MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. Are the two first professional undergraduate degrees awarded upon graduation from medical school in medicine & surgery, awarded by Universities in Nigeria and other British Commonwealth Nations.

* MPH – Masters in Public Health. Refers to a post-graduate degree as an additional qualification.

* FWACP – Fellow, West African College of Physicians. Refers to a Consultant Physician.

* FWACS – Fellow, West African College of Surgeons. Refers to a Consultant Surgeon.

* Prof. – A Professor.
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Last Updated: 02/12/2013