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HALA Magazine  is a FREE publication of Health And Life Africa Healthy-living Initiative (HALA), a proudly Nigerian indigenous Non-Governmental Organization with a passion for the well being and productivity of Africans. HALA Magazine is a quarterly health-focused lifestyle magazine designed to engage, enlighten and entertain its readers and by this means, address the issue of health ignorance within Africa, especially within the Sub-Saharan region.

HALA Magazine is designed to promote the practice of preventive medicine, encourage early medical interventions, dispel misconceptions and reduce the number of illnesses presenting as late complications in hospitals so as to increase the productivity of the human capital within the continent.

The magazine is presented in a uniquely creative style and drives readers to look forward to every issue. Our maiden issue was published on October 1st 2011 and HALA Magazine is available in two formats: as soft copy (online) and hard copy (in print). In addition to the downloadable ebook format, the Digital version online incorporates the latest flip technology! HALA Magazine hard copy is currently being distributed FOR FREE in key locations such as hospitals, malls, eateries and corporate offices across Lagos, Abuja, Asaba and Enugu. The print version of the magazine’s spread is organic starting within major cities and spreading concentrically to its neighbouring environs. Our long term target is to achieve a circulation of 1 to 1000 people across Nigeria and West Africa.


HALA Magazine No-4 Cover Page-Fela Anikulapo-Kuti HALA Magazine on High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) HALA Magazine -Infertility HALA Magazine on Seizures-Convulsion

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