HALA’s ASKaDOCTOR.com Project

ASKaDOCTOR.com Infographic

This is a brief summary of HALA’s new project that has been under wraps called ASKaDOCTOR.com.

The Problem

  1. Nigeria (and Sub-Saharan Africa) has the worst health statistics
  2. Most of our diseases are Preventable
  3. Health information typically comes from Neighbours & Roadside drug sellers
  4. Leading to a prevalence of Myths/Misconceptions
  5. Culminates in Late Hospital Visits
ASKaDOCTOR.com Infographic

HALA’s Proposed Solution

We are creating a platform called ASKaDOCTOR.com through which individuals have access to ask any health related question via the internet and mobile phone (sms) and will receive their personalized answers, receive vital health information alongside with linking you to a nearby hospital, and a micro-health insurance scheme.


Here is a snapshot of our DEMO page

ASKaDOCTOR.com -Your health in your hands...

Click the photo to see enlarged view of our DEMO Page

This is a huge vision which is why we applied for a competitive grant award from Grand Challenges Canada as a bold idea. We are currently at the 1st phase of this competition where videos have been published for voting up till Thursday, November 22nd (next week). Please we need every support we can get and all we ask of you is to VOTE for HALA’s bold idea! as follows:

  1. Visit our GCC Page (direct link: http://applications.grandchallenges.ca/en/viewVideo/28735E6AA7E73FB29D0A20BB)
  2. 2.       Log in (Register)
  3. 3.       LIKE our Application video (Vote)
  4. 4.       Drop a Comment

CLICK here to VOTE!

P.S: Each registered user can only vote ONCE so kindly help us circulate this among your network of like-minded friends to also vote for us too!


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