#HALAsi: YOU are invited to our Social Media Live Chat on #WMD2013 with @Omojuwa :)

WMD2013 Social Media live Chat with Omojuwa

Health And Life Africa Healthy-living Initiative (HALA) excitedly invites you to join us and @Omojuwa tomorrow for a social media live chat in commemoration of the #WorldMalariaDay (April 25th).

This live chat marks the peak of our #HALAsi (HALA Social Intelligence Series) week-long series of articles under the theme: “Home-grown Solutions to combat Malaria: Challenges, Breakthroughs, & Trends” dedicated to raising key conversations about #Malaria by Nigerian healthcare stakeholders and published in collaboration with the Nigerian Entertainment powerhouse, 360nobs.com. Read more details here.

In summary, here is an overview of what we want to capture:

Official statistics shows that Malaria accounts for 60% of our hospital presentations, is responsible for 30% of childhood deaths and 11% of maternal deaths in Nigeria despite our current level of advancement in fighting Malaria! Considering the fact that Malaria (which earned its name from MAL-AIR as it was wrongly attributed to an infection from the bad air upon its discovery), we have come a very long way today. We now know that Malaria is not only treatable, but that it is Preventable. The National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) has been galvanizing policies and critical issues on Malaria and the National focus has been on the active promotion of Prompt and Effective Case Management with ACTs, IPT in pregnancy and Integrated Vector Management. Yet, even with these well articulated strategies and free LLIN, our statistics on their actual uptake by the individuals shows that there is a huge gap of practical knowledge to influence behavioural change.

For the average Nigerian man on the street, he probably:

  • Just knows Malaria is endemic in this part of the world and beliefs there is little he can do
  • Believes that all fever is malaria
  • Takes some un-prescribed drug routinely to ‘prevent’ Malaria
  • Has probably lost at least 1 close family relation to Malaria
  • Does not care about the dirty blocked gutters within his compound that breed the mosquitoes
  • Will probably not even sleep under an insecticide-treated mosquito net even if it was given to him for free
  • Probably doesn’t even want to hear any conversation about “fighting Malaria” because for all he knows right now, some people are just busy selling mosquito nets.

These are the kind of practical issues and conversations that we desire to spur. This WMD 2013’s theme is “Invest in the Future: Defeat Malaria”. On a Global and National scale, this may mean many things but for the regular everyday Nigerian, we want to stir a more practical and productive conversation that can be translated to actual behavioural change. E.g. Why die in your house from mosquito bites and malaria because you’re waiting for the Government to come and clean your gutter?


Using any or all of these Hashtags #Malaria, #HALAsi, #WorldMalariaDay and/or #WMD2013;

  1. Make genuine thought provoking COMMENTS about the Malaria issue
  2. SHARE/RE-TWEET our posts and other vibrant discussions
  3. ASK honest questions about Malaria as a disease
  4. And hopefully get to be Re-Tweeted by @Omojuwa! on Twitter 🙂 


START TIME: 10am prompt on Thursday, April 25th, 3013.

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