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HALA Magazine: Radio Interview on Health-Friendly, Kapital FM, Abuja #WMD2013

Doctor instructions- Ante-Natal clinic

Some Ante-Natal Care routines Doctors LOVE, which you may HATE! -Infographic

  READ: #Pre-Eclampsia- Why you should Hate Hypertension in Pregnancy {at least, half as much as Doctors do}   SEE FULL TEXT: Asking so many questions- For details about family history & fishing out possible symptoms Asking you to pee in a bottle- The urine sample test (urinalysis) is used to test for protein & […]

Getting to Zero-HIV-AIDS in Nigeria

“Getting to Zero”: Nigeria’s progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS

The reality of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria HIV/AIDS is a major threat to development, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. The devastating effects of the AIDS epidemic are mostly seen in this region, which is home to the over 23 million of the 34 million people living with HIV worldwide, according to the UNAIDS 2012 report. HIV prevalence […]

Get Bathed at Mulago Hospital-Personal Hygiene

Mulago Hospital will start BATHING patients and their visitors to promote good personal hygiene

One of Uganda’s biggest referral hospitals, Mulago Hospital says it will start bathing patients while visitors will get a disinfectant dip as a strategy to promote personal hygiene. Is poor hygiene one of the lead causes of sicknesses and diseases in Sub-Sahara Africa? The answer is of course a resounding “YES”. The perfect combination of […]

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