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WHO-world leading cause of death-data

News: 10 Leading causes of Death Worldwide –latest WHO Report

Exclusive breastfeeding as a working mother

World Breastfeeding Week August 1-7, 2013: “Latching on” to the Breast

In at least 170 Countries around the globe including Nigeria, August 1-7th is annually celebrated as the World Breastfeeding Week. Infant Breastfeeding is undeniably life-saving, its nature’s gift hence cost-free, and should preferentially be done exclusively, that is breastfeed for 6 months with breast milk ONLY. The week-long commemoration is to encourage both women and […]

Collection of coloured condoms-STDs

$100, 000 Reward for whoever develops the Next Generation CONDOM!

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are on a search to offer $100, 000 grant to anyone who can come up with an innovative condom re-invention into what they have called the Next Generation Condom. This next generation condom concept is connoted by characteristics that would improve the uptake and ease of use such as […]

HIV Silence-Societal Norms and Taboos

Watch: Kenyan Condom Advert gone wrong? – HALA TGIF Video pick

The Kenyan video advert for promoting the use of Condoms was aired on TV and recently pulled off after several outcries in objection by different quarters. Advert Transcription: Two women are walking to the market. Woman 1 asks Woman 2 how she and her husband are. Woman 2 says her husband has become a drunkard […]

Severe recurrent diarrhoea-Fecal transplant

Fecal transplant: A new option to cure severe Diarrhoea, better than Antibiotics (Study)

‘Gross’ ‘Grotesque’ ‘Disgusting’ ‘Yuck’ ‘Appalling’ ‘Impossible’ … make your pick after this read. Quickly glossing over the sound of the caption above, a new small study has shown that a healthy person’s feces inserted into the gut of someone with severe diarrhea caused by Clostridium difficile may be a more effective treatment than antibiotics! A […]

HIV Virus- baby girl cured with Anti-Retroviral drugs-ART-PMTCT

Breaking News: Baby girl born with HIV is ‘cured’ with Anti-Retroviral drugs

Born with HIV to a newly diagnosed positive mother, US doctors say the baby girl seems to have been cured from HIV infection after very early treatment with standard Anti-Viral drugs. Following the novel use anti-retroviral drugs as early as within 30 hours of life, a Mississippi born baby girl in the US has been […]

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