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HALA Magazine Malaria April-June 2013 Cover

HALA Magazine: Malaria (No. 5) April – June 2013 Edition

HIV Silence-Societal Norms and Taboos

Watch: Kenyan Condom Advert gone wrong? – HALA TGIF Video pick

The Kenyan video advert for promoting the use of Condoms was aired on TV and recently pulled off after several outcries in objection by different quarters. Advert Transcription: Two women are walking to the market. Woman 1 asks Woman 2 how she and her husband are. Woman 2 says her husband has become a drunkard […]

Diet tips to boost Immunity-HIV-AIDS

Secret diet tips to boost immunity

How to boost immunity with Natural Vitamins, Anti-oxidants and Zinc ur body naturally demands increased nutrients when it is fighting off infection. With initial HIV infection the case is no different. The body relies on our daily supply of food for the needed immune boosting elements from vitamins, minerals and calories. Excesses are resourcefully stored […]

Sex can make you feel Lovestruck-Endorphins

5 things you really want to know about SEX!

Outside the confines of the parent-child awkward moment sex talk (for the ‘privileged few’), very few get to actually talk or have proper conversations about sex, yet everyone has their opinion on sex. Our individual predispositions (which is mostly informed by our knowledge + experience) determines to what degree you’d feel free to talk about […]

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