Mulago Hospital will start BATHING patients and their visitors to promote good personal hygiene

Get Bathed at Mulago Hospital-Personal Hygiene

One of Uganda’s biggest referral hospitals, Mulago Hospital says it will start bathing patients while visitors will get a disinfectant dip as a strategy to promote personal hygiene.

Is poor hygiene one of the lead causes of sicknesses and diseases in Sub-Sahara Africa? The answer is of course a resounding “YES”. The perfect combination of poor personal hygiene and dirty environment (perhaps plus a third factor best referred to as nonchalance) breeds our predominantly unsanitary living conditions. The sequel of infections (mainly bacteria) is not far-fetched: air-borne diseases, water-borne diseases, and vector-borne diseases; all preventable. It is little wonder why Sub-Saharan Africa is topping the global charts for diseases caused by infections.


For non-Ugandans, the name Mulago Hospital may sound familiar because they played a central role at Uganda’s last Ebola Fever outbreak. This time, Mulago hospital is in the news with a unique offering to take their campaign for proper hygiene to a whole new level by bathing every patient that uses the hospital.

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And how exactly do they intend to do that efficiently? Dr Byarugaba Bonaventure Baterena, the Executive Director of the hospital reportedly admits that they are aware the practice will be costly but, says they are more interested in putting a check on the existence of diseases associated with poor hygiene. In his words, “All patients entering Mulago hospital will be bathed. We shall also ensure that all visitors are dipped in jik (a disinfectant) prior to accessing the hospital facility”. On a similar note, he has this special note of warning for all the male folks: “Don’t go urinating everywhere on walls like dogs – this goes to men”

“All patients entering Mulago hospital will be bathed. We shall also ensure that all visitors are dipped in jik (a disinfectant) prior to accessing the hospital facility” -Dr Byarugaba, ED of Mulago Hospital


And who exactly, gets to pay for this new service? For now, don’t ask. The only public knowledge is that the hospital has recently entered a partnership with a company, Security Group with the sole purpose of ensuring that cleanliness and the ideal hospital hygiene is in place. This arrangement entails regular hospital maintenance of its required standard by cleaning the hospital every three months. One thing is for sure, Dr. Byarugaba is certain that this is a good way of reducing the occurrence of diseases caused by bacteria and germs; and he is very determined to make it happen as he says: “I am going to be extremely serious about this issue because I am tired of dirtiness”.

There is absolutely no doubt that a dirt free environment is a healthy environment! So if you are also “tired of dirtiness” tell us what you think using the comment box below



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