The saying health is wealth can never be overstated. The health status of any individual to a large extent determines the productivity level of that individual. The same can be said about a family, state, nation and even a continent especially in these times when national and economic delineations are being erased. The healthier the citizenry of a nation is to a large extent determines the level of economic activities in the nation which invariably affects the wealth of the nation.

HALA was born out of a grim need to create massive health awareness as a primary and cost effective tool to ameliorate our greatest health challenges which is why we are committed to the promotion of preventive medicine in Sub-Saharan Africa. We believe that the more informed people are on healthy life styles, the lower their probability of falling sick. We are geared to considerably and positively impact the socio-economic environment in Africa by educating the citizenry on good health practices and the promotion of healthy lifestyles through various media and projects that are in line with our objectives.

Our Programs are as follows:

  1. HALA Magazine
  2. Medical Events
  3. HALA Celebrity Health Ambassador
  4. Young Health Professional Scholarship Scheme (YHPSS)
  5. African Herald
  6. Advocacy