Some Ante-Natal Care routines Doctors LOVE, which you may HATE! -Infographic

Ante-Natal Clinic Routines -Infographic


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  1. Asking so many questions- For details about family history & fishing out possible symptoms
  2. Asking you to pee in a bottle- The urine sample test (urinalysis) is used to test for protein & sugar
  3. Always checking your Blood Pressure- Just to be safe, and yes, even after a nurse may have checked!
  4. Always examining you- Pedal Edema (leg swelling) can be an important give-away sign
  5. Always examining your pregnant belly- Changes in serial records of the growing womb size or baby’s heart rate are vital clues
  6. Repeating the same type of test several times- Ultrasound Scans can tell if there is any foetal growth restriction, etc
  7. Giving you orders- 
  • Diet restriction on Salt
  • Lie on your Left side
  • Sit with your legs raised
  • Take your drugs daily
  • Admit for bed rest- even though you feel well!


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