Soya Milk: the cheap and healthy Non-Diary milk source

This article is part of a series on basic nutritional facts of milk and milk products.

As already noted in the first part of this discuss, there are different types/sources of milk such as Dairy and Non-Diary types of milk. Today’s focus starts off with the later.

The two most popular (and perhaps, under-utilized) types of non-diary milk in our environment are:

  • Soy Milk, and
  • Coconut Milk

Other examples include: Almond Milk, Rice Milk, Oat Milk and Hemp Milk but these are much less readily accessible around here.

Healthy stuff about Soy Milk, Soya Milk or Soybean Milk

Soy milk, popularly called Soya Milk here in Nigeria or soybean milk, it is derieved from soy beans. Its most unique characteristic is that it is protein-rich.

Soya milk is probably the most direct comparism to dairy (cow) milk in its natural state because it matches cow milk head to head in three cardinal health areas:

–          It contains just as much protein as cow milk

–          It has NO cholesterol because it of plant original rather than animal like cow milk

–          It contains very little fat (2%) which is the equivalent of low fat cow milk; besides, cow milk is laden with saturated fats

In its natural state, soya milk falls short of cow milk in two areas:

–          The soy protein is also a common food allergen to some people

–          It is not a natural source of calcium


Its natural lack of calcium is graciously augumented for with fortified calcium and vitamins (especially vitamin B12 which is Soy Milk- Vitamilkprimarily of animal origin) in virtually all over the shelf marketed products of soya milk. Please bear this in mind if you intend to only use your home-made soya milk and supplement accordingly for a balanced diet. So far, there has been no break through about any hypo-allergic variety of soya milk.

So long as you are not allergic to soy bean, chances are that this may be your perfect dairy milk alternative, especially if you absolutely need to cut down on your cholesterol, lose weight, or have diabetes or hypertension. Same goes for people who are lactose intolerant or any health conscious person that wants to #EatRight.

And forgive me for forgetting to mention this first, Soya milk is CHEAP! Talk about getting more for less. Soy milk is not new neither is it a “poor man’s food”, it is actually a staple drink in China, Japan, Malaysia and several parts of Asia.

Check out the fabulous video above for step by step directions on how to prepare your home-made soya bean milk powder. (PS: It turns out that Soya Milk is just one of the many uses of soya beans. Try it out and give us your feedback.)

To be continued next week on Coconut Milk and other types of non-dairy milk


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