Steaming *Hott Celebrities with High Blood Pressure: Monica

Monica! Does she strike you as a poster girl for High B.P (Hypertension)?

Monica- Hypertension

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Monica is a classic example of a steaming hot celebrity and music Diva with hit singles to her accolade such as “Don’t take it personal”.  Her never to be forgotten duet with Brandy  “THE BOY IS MINE” hit single topped the US Bill board for 13 weeks straight and sold over 2.6 million copies in US alone. The highly talented young black woman has been an inspiration to so many.

But in 2009, her record label (Contact Music) issued an official statement:

R&B singer Monica is hitting the gym and rethinking her diet after learning she suffers from high blood pressure.

Even with her stardom, Monica openly talks about her experience. In one interview, she simply put it this way: “It’s me now wanting to exercise and just learn to eat better; it’s not for vanity purposes. I’m changing my eating patterns. I was addicted to Lawry’s Seasoning Salt on my soul food – addicted to Old Boy seasoning. That stuff was killing me slowly. I ain’t even been around long enough yet!” “I can’t stay in the gym. I’m going to have to though, because I just found out that I have high blood pressure. I’m 28 years old!

“And it’s hereditary; it’s on both sides (of my family). My mum has it, my grandmother had it, my father has it and diabetes, and his mother had both.”

Monica’s Blood pressure was very bad that she passed out one morning while preparing breakfast for her son. However she has successful brought her blood pressure under control as declared by her doctor after a routine check –up. Now she’s spreading the awareness of hypertension. She even dedicated one episode of her TV series Monica: Still Standing, to her experience with hypertension.


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