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Malaria in Pregnancy -Nigerian Woman

Bad for Mother & Child: 10 Common Complications of Malaria in Pregnancy

WHY Doctors Hate Malaria in Pregnancy! Common Complications of Malaria during Pregnancy The most common complications to the Mother are: Anaemia with its attendant complications Acute lung oedema which manifests as difficulty in breathing Preterm Labour/delivery A more severe form of the disease where it may affect one or more organs like the kidneys, the […]

HIV Virus- baby girl cured with Anti-Retroviral drugs-ART-PMTCT

Breaking News: Baby girl born with HIV is ‘cured’ with Anti-Retroviral drugs

Born with HIV to a newly diagnosed positive mother, US doctors say the baby girl seems to have been cured from HIV infection after very early treatment with standard Anti-Viral drugs. Following the novel use anti-retroviral drugs as early as within 30 hours of life, a Mississippi born baby girl in the US has been […]

Exclusive Breastfeeding-Happy new mother with baby

The ‘Superfood’ for Babies: Save 830, 000 babies with Breast milk ‘Power hour’! (Watch Video)

830,000 babies worldwide could be saved every hour if mothers started breastfeeding newborns within the first hour of birth! A new report captioned ‘Superfood for Babies’ was released a few days ago by an NGO, Save the Children. It highlights analysis of the health benefits and cost savings of early breastfeeding as well as barriers […]

PMTCT-Preventing Mother-Child Transmission of HIV

PMTCT: Infant Feeding for Preventing Mother to Child Transmission of HIV -Part 2

INFANT FEEDING for the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV See the introduction to this subject of how to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV and also know what is PMTCT? The most important criteria is to identify and help the mother choose whatever feeding option is in the best interest of both herself and […]

Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV

Preventing Mother to Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT) -Part 1

SEE INTRODUCTION HERE. When adherent to medications, an HIV infection does not have to progress into an AIDS as the risk of having opportunistic infections is remarkably reduced while researches for a cure and better medication is still on-going, the current modality of most HIV/AIDS programmes is to prevent further spread of the virus in […]

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