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Angelina Jolie-Breast Cancer prevention-Double Mastectomy

True life Story: Hollywood Superstar Angelina Jolie opts for a Double Mastectomy to prevent Breast Cancer

Pink Ribbon-Breast Cancer

Know the Benefits and possible harms of Breast Cancer Screening

#BeInformed: What you should know about Breast Cancer Screening There are many reasons to dislike the ‘C’ word for Cancer. In the first place, our exact understanding of what causes cancer is still very limited. And in most cases, cancer treatment requires radical therapeutic procedures like radiotherapy or chemotherapy, each of which has their own […]

Brittany Wenger builds new brain to detect breast cancer

17 years old Brittany Wenger builds an artificial “brain” to detect breast cancer

Thanks to the Google Science Fair, 17 years old Brittany Wenger who was this year’s winner developed a cloud-based neural network which literally acts as an artificial “brain” that is able to seamlessly and accurately assess tissue samples for signs/evidence of breast cancer to give more credence to the currently used (less reliable) minimally invasive […]

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