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Angelina Jolie-Breast Cancer prevention-Double Mastectomy

True life Story: Hollywood Superstar Angelina Jolie opts for a Double Mastectomy to prevent Breast Cancer

Nasopharyngeal Cancer-Sullivan Chime Enugu State Governor

I was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Cancer- Enugu State Governor, Sullivan Chime

For about 4 months now, Enugu State has had its Governor in absentia. Diverse rumors of his health status culminating in speculations of his death graced both tabloids and daily newspapers. The deafening silence of his whereabouts and mounting political opposition was fast spiraling the situation into a de’ javu of the then President Umar […]

Pink Ribbon-Breast Cancer

Know the Benefits and possible harms of Breast Cancer Screening

#BeInformed: What you should know about Breast Cancer Screening There are many reasons to dislike the ‘C’ word for Cancer. In the first place, our exact understanding of what causes cancer is still very limited. And in most cases, cancer treatment requires radical therapeutic procedures like radiotherapy or chemotherapy, each of which has their own […]

Jack Andraka and Pancreatic Cancer test

15 years old creates the cheapest and most accurate cancer sensor, and its Paper-based!

I think shear ingenuity is just a modest phrase to describe the 15 years old Jack Andraka who devised a paper sensor that can detect Pancreatic Cancer with these phenomenal features (as a bonus), compared to the current tests, its: –          168 times faster (takes 5 minutes) –          400 times more sensitive (than ELISA) –          […]

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