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Collection of coloured condoms-STDs

$100, 000 Reward for whoever develops the Next Generation CONDOM!

Male Circumcision-HIV

What has Male Circumcision got to do with HIV?

…Litigating Male Circumcision Exhibit- This parchment outlines the following substantial information: A trial investigation carried out in some parts of Africa some years back had to be stopped abruptly long before the end of the stipulated trial period for ethical reasons. This was because there was already overwhelming evidence that the circumcised had approximately 50% reduced […]

Sex can make you feel Lovestruck-Endorphins

5 things you really want to know about SEX!

Outside the confines of the parent-child awkward moment sex talk (for the ‘privileged few’), very few get to actually talk or have proper conversations about sex, yet everyone has their opinion on sex. Our individual predispositions (which is mostly informed by our knowledge + experience) determines to what degree you’d feel free to talk about […]

HALA Celeb HIV Awareness- Dipp, IllBliss, WanaWana, Rexx Pincode

HALA Presents Celeb-Buzz HIV Campaign with Dipp, IllBliss, WanaWana, and Rexx Pincode

In commemoration of the World AIDS Day 2012 (#WAD2012) Health And Life Africa Healthy-living Initiative (HALA) in collaboration with some Nigerian Celebrities (Dipp, IllBliss, Wanawana & Rexx Pincode) made a video to create awareness on the advancements that have been made in the fight against HIV/AIDS. This video is aimed at reducing the stigma attached […]

USB Cables arranged to simulate Sperms

Health News Round-up: STDs, Dark chocolate, male pills and more

Hope for the ability to walk again after paralysis from Spinal Cord Injury An amazing breakthrough by scientists was published today at the Journal Science showing that paralyzed rats have been able to not only walk again but even learnt to sprint with spinal cord stimulations from the combination of chemicals and electricity stimulation. The […]

HIV Drug Prophylaxis TRUVADA has been recommended for FDA approval for the Prevention of HIV infection

A drug TRUVADA, for the first time ever, has been recommended for FDA approval for Prevention of HIV infection

Healthy people at increased risk of contracting HIV sexually may be able to prevent HIV infection through the drug, TRUVADA. This is really breaking news as history is in the making with the first ever attempt to use a drug as prophylaxis in healthy people against the deadly HIV/AIDS epidemic. The United States Food and […]

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