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Brighten your day with happy cloths

Clothes: Get on with being fashionably healthy!

Very Skinny Modeling banned in Isreal

And it came to Pass: A Law officially banning Skinny Models in ads and catwalks

 It is no gain saying to give it to the Jews who although may seem like a minority in number, have always undoubtedly been a force to reckon with worldwide from biblical accounts centuries ago to the present day as they are often pioneering breakthroughs and leading in key industries. For the first time ever, […]

US Fashion week 2012

Hot!!! The shear heat of a Healthy Fashion Week

The buzzing New York Fashion Week has just begun and this year fabric, colour combinations and new designs are not the things being displayed on the runway. For the first time ever, runway shows will take place under an updated Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Health Initiative Guidelines for models. According to their […]

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