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Malaria in Pregnancy- HALA Magazine

What determines the severity of Malaria in Pregnancy?

Pre-eclampsia-Hypertension in Pregnancy

#Nigerian Mothers: Getting Pregnant in a Malaria dense Country

In areas of stable Malaria transmission like Nigeria, the dynamics of our everyday ‘ordinary malaria infection’ changes for a pregnant woman. Understanding this basic fact is particularly important for new mums who already have to deal with many other physiologic/normal body changes of Pregnancy. The countdown continues from 50 Things you do Not know about […]

IVF and Fertiltiy Evolution in Africa

Infographic: The Evolution of Assisted Reproductive Techniques in Nigeria

Did you know that the 1st baby conceived through IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) in Nigeria was as far back as 1989? Check out this timeline infographic on the milestones of assisted reproductive techniques in Nigeria. It is no longer news that Nigerian Doctors abroad are distinguished professionals, but this infographic celebrates our Fertility Doctor heroes based […]

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