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Couple in Bed- Sexual Health

Innovations in the fight against HIV: Toll-Free HIV Help lines in Nigeria

black couple-black youths- HIV

Innovations to fight HIV: A new concept of “Treatment AS Prevention” (TASP)

#HIV: Gaining victory through innovation! Although a definite cure for HIV has not been discovered yet (despite claims from quarters in Nigeria), the fight against HIV has reached a crescendo where innovative breakthroughs have demystified the dreaded HIV, inspiring high hopes of getting to zero. These three are our unique picks as featured on our #HIV/AIDS […]

Segmental spinal dysgenesis-Pioneering surgery repairs girl spine with leg bone

Watch: Surgery that converts leg bones to Spinal Vertebrae pioneered on a 5year old girl

Meet Rosie, a 5 years old child who was born with a 10cm gap along her backbone because 5 bones which make of part of her spinal canal were missing. Her condition is a very rare disorder called Segmantal Spinal Dysgenesis –which is a congenital abnormally where a segment of the spine and spinal cord […]

ASKaDOCTOR.com Infographic

HALA’s ASKaDOCTOR.com Project

The Problem Nigeria (and Sub-Saharan Africa) has the worst health statistics Most of our diseases are Preventable Health information typically comes from Neighbours & Roadside drug sellers Leading to a prevalence of Myths/Misconceptions Culminates in Late Hospital Visits HALA’s Proposed Solution Here is a snapshot of our DEMO page This is a huge vision which […]

mosquito- malaria vector

Scientists create new Malaria-resistant genetically modified mosquitoes

There are things like this seen on sci-fi movies (and many more that we would most gladly hope  remains as just movies) but with mind-bugling figures like 216 million cases and an estimated 655,000 deaths in 2010 from malaria alone according to the WHO, anything to get rid of the vectors pretty much sounds like […]

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