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IVF and Fertiltiy Evolution in Africa

Infographic: The Evolution of Assisted Reproductive Techniques in Nigeria

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LIVE CHAT with the fertility Expert, Prof. Giwa-Osagie

ASK YOUR QUESTIONS USING THE “COMMENT BOX” BELOW uestion: I’m 28yrs & been married for about 18months…my husband and I have been trying and are still. We have done some tests including scans, Hcg, sperm check and all, after trying for about a year. While mine came out just fine…our doctor, told us that my hubbie […]

African Baby- In-Vitro Fertilization, IVF

Spotlight on Infertility- the process of In-Vitro Fertilization, IVF

This third part is the concluding article of the 3-part series on our spotlight on infertility as featured in our infertility issue of HALA Magazine. written by our featured contributor, Prof. Giwa-Osagie. Read the first part here: Is infertility a social issue or a medical problem? and the second part here: Infertility Treatment Options. The […]

Male and female sex symbols-infertility

Spotlight on Infertility- TREATMENT Options

Last week, we started on the Spotlight on Infertility- Is infertility a social issue or a medical problem? This week continues on its available infertility treatment options. Before embarking on treatment there should be proper investigations. The patients should be fully examined while investigations should be relevant. Different Infertility Treatment Options based on its Causes Treating […]

Mariah Carey and hubby, Nick Canon

Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, SJP and Marcia Cross: What do they have in common?

Did you know some of our favorite hot celebs had some difficulty in conceiving? Don’t even be deceived into thinking it’s less of a challenge for them. Get our hottest scoop on the celebs that really put in efforts to make babies and are proud to talk about their gifts…   CELINE DION: Delivered her set […]

HALA Magazine Spotlight story on Infertility

Spotlight on Infertility- Is Infertility a social issue or a medical problem?

DO YOU CONSIDER INFERTILITY AS A SOCIAL ISSUE OR A MEDICAL PROBLEM? In Africa, infertility has been known to lead to social stigma, suicides, loss of inheritance and causes severe strains on marriages and mental health. In Genesis 1: 28, man is instructed to be “fruitful and multiply”. Judging by the world’s population where China […]

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