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Pregnant African Woman-Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating for Pregnant African Women…Nutrition status, Weight gain+

Happy exercising

Beyond just swallowing drugs; Why you need to Exercise and stay HAPPY

Studying death statistics over a decade revealed a link between psychological distress (anxiety or depression) and premature death while Exercise may work like Anti-depressants Apparently, our craze for celebs with the perfect bodies is in itself not enough motivation to exercise- at least for the multitude of those who are not exactly planning on becoming […]

Healthy Growth and Profitability

Portfolio Management: the solution for cheaper and healthier living

An astute surgeon over an interview when asked why he choose to become a surgeon rather than a physician honestly but jokingly answered: “I didn’t want to become a physician because most of my patients would inadvertently tag along with me as unsolicited ‘family friends’ and courteously extend their burial invite to me when my […]

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