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(Watch) HALA TGIF! Video Pick: Malaria history- Herbs, Drugs & Empires through the generations

HIV Silence-Societal Norms and Taboos

Watch: Kenyan Condom Advert gone wrong? – HALA TGIF Video pick

The Kenyan video advert for promoting the use of Condoms was aired on TV and recently pulled off after several outcries in objection by different quarters. Advert Transcription: Two women are walking to the market. Woman 1 asks Woman 2 how she and her husband are. Woman 2 says her husband has become a drunkard […]

Sea Otter Basketball dunking for Arthritis

TGIF HALA Video Picks: Amazing Sea Otter’s Basketball dunking exercise stunt to beat Arthritis

Check out this super-cute video which caught the world’s attention from a feature on CNN two days ago. This 16 years old animal is a Sea Otter kept at the Oregon Zoo. This ‘old dude’ was taken out last year for “routine x-rays” (when last or have you even ever done a personalized routine check?) […]

virus illustration- HIV prevention innovation

Video: Latest breakthrough in the search for HIV prevention and cure

With a global prevalence of about 34 million people estimated to be infected with HIV, the need to develop a definite cure or at least, reliable prevention technique is paramount. These breakthroughs do not proclaim any curative promises even though they are landmark achievements in the field of science, unlike the news about a ‘cure’ […]

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