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WHO-world leading cause of death-data

News: 10 Leading causes of Death Worldwide –latest WHO Report

Exclusive breastfeeding as a working mother

World Breastfeeding Week August 1-7, 2013: “Latching on” to the Breast

In at least 170 Countries around the globe including Nigeria, August 1-7th is annually celebrated as the World Breastfeeding Week. Infant Breastfeeding is undeniably life-saving, its nature’s gift hence cost-free, and should preferentially be done exclusively, that is breastfeed for 6 months with breast milk ONLY. The week-long commemoration is to encourage both women and […]

Mulitiple drugs- Online Pharmacy

#Chloroquine and Malaria treatment options- in pregnancy & for visitors

Get started here on basic malaria 101 in Nigeria. There is a fundamental need to always conduct a test before treating malaria. *The officially recommended Anti-Malarial Drugs: ACTs Globally, the first line treatment option is clearly the currently WHO recommended anti-malarial drugs, the Artemesinin Combination Therapy (ACTs). The two ACTs recommended for use in Nigeria are: […]

Malaria in Pregnancy -Nigerian Woman

Bad for Mother & Child: 10 Common Complications of Malaria in Pregnancy

WHY Doctors Hate Malaria in Pregnancy! Common Complications of Malaria during Pregnancy The most common complications to the Mother are: Anaemia with its attendant complications Acute lung oedema which manifests as difficulty in breathing Preterm Labour/delivery A more severe form of the disease where it may affect one or more organs like the kidneys, the […]

Child Mortality Rate in Africa-Infographic

Infographic: Preventable Child Mortalities in Sub-Saharan Africa

  Copy the code below to embed this image on your website: <div style=”padding:5px;”><a href=” /2012/09/infographic-preventable-child-mortalities-in-sub-saharan-africa/”><img alt=” Preventable Child deaths in West-Africa” title=” Preventable Child deaths in West-Africa ” src=” http://bit.ly/RfUyHi” style=”border:none;” /></a></div>   RELATED: Improvement in Child Mortality Rates from 25, 000 to 21,000 deaths daily Pre-term Births: The Number 1 newborn killer New […]

Immunization stops Childhood preventable diseases

Preventing over 17% annual childhood deaths: Pentavalent, Rotavirus & Pneumococcal Vaccines

The latest report (pdf) released by the UNICEF sites Pneumonia and Diarrhoea as the topmost causes of death in children <5years age group all around the world, with the poorer countries being more affected, but even worse is that half of these deaths occur in five (5) countries- India, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo Pakistan […]

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