Video: From Cancer to sharing makeup tips to inspire healthy ideas

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Actually, it is been an interesting week so far and maybe it wasn’t such a great week after all for someone else, bills piling, ill health or whatever the stress is about… still Cheer Up!

So I ran into this kid’s video on YouTube and I found her story so captivating that I decided to do a little write-up on it. Her name is Talia Castellano diagnosed with nerve tissue cancer (Neuroblastoma) five years ago (at age 7).  Since then, she has continued going to school, while still pursuing her interest in makeup, art and dancing. About a year ago, she created a personal YouTube channel “Make-up is my wig” where she teaches how to make up; with 150 videos uploaded so far she has captivated the internet space and amassed a following of over 100, 000 people.

This video above is her latest upload by the pretty 12 years old girl, where she decided to ‘share’ with her fans about her doctor’s latest findings with the sad news that she has just been diagnosed with a second cancer, Pre-Leukemia (most likely as a consequence of all the chemo and radiotherapy treatment for the neuroblastoma) which would require a bone marrow transplant.

Beyond the sheer emotions of it all- or how Talia is amazingly strong and all put together- I find her story interesting for a few additional reasons.

First is the sheer simplicity of how see sees and utilizes the opportunity of the gift of life. In one interview, she was quoted thus:

“I saw other girls making makeup videos on YouTube and thought it would be fun… I put one up and ever since then its gotten more and more popular. It’s cool that people are now seeing that fighting cancer is not just about chemo, and that there are different things that help us through the journey. For me that was makeup.” “Having cancer has been an amazing yet horrible journey…” “I feel proud that I have accomplished so much on YouTube, have so many people watching and now taking seriously how childhood cancer don’t have enough funding”

In the course of her 150 videos, she not only talks about makeup but she is also bringing awareness to childhood cancer, and promoting the CureSearch Walk.

Secondly, I am struck by how knowledgeable she is about her condition to the point where she not only openly talks about it but can expressly explain what it about in layman terms.

And that brings me to the third reason for my interest in this video, which is really more of a shear curiosity about what it would take to get people to be more open about talking about health issues around here- Nigeria, Ghana, I mean, Africa. For instance, it is common place to abroad to find celebs that openly talk about their health challenges and who become spokes persons for different health-related charities unlike back here at home.

With Nigeria blazing the trail for increasing internet connectivity, I do hope that in the least, we should be able to celebrate many other everyday heroes like Talia that live among us!

Please feel free to share your story with the world and be an inspiration to others!

Oh, and without anyone telling you, her makeup skill clearly rivals that of a pro! Here is one of her many make-up tutorials.


#Talk.D.Talk, What do you think of Talia’s story? Comment Below.


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