Video: Weight loss incentives- which app would work best for you?

Check out these remarkable new offers from inventors that are clearly on your side, in that they have one sole aim: to help you to achieve YOUR desired weight loss target either by:

  1.    Punishing you to pay higher stipends when you don’t hit your targets and, or
  2.    Shaming you for eating wrongly

These two innovations were produced by two entirely different companies (US based Gympact and Brazillian based Meta Real respectively). Their singular common factor is weight loss, and they are both given out as handy packs of weight loss incentives upon registering at a weight loss facility.

The first video is about an app that you can make money with by sticking to your goals or pay a penalty for not! While things a little different in the second video where the app is about a self-blackmailing virtual fridge lock that automatically alerts all your friends on your social networks when you open the fridge at night beyond your eating time.

Clearly, experience has proven that in this weight loss business, talk is cheap necessitating the need for a more practical ‘fish bait’ approach.

At least there are options here: you could either use some dose of shame or jog after the cash… which one would possibly work best for you?

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