Yogurt, the Nutritiously sweet and healthy milk product


Nutrient filled Yogurt-Health Benefits

It turns out that Yogurt is actually healthier than you may think!

Yogurt is the semi white fermented cow’s milk with a peculiar acid or sour taste. This milk product is produced by inoculating milk at 2% proportion with a bacterium, lactobacillus between the temperatures of 40⁰C- 45⁰C. This process of bacteria fermentation converts lactose in milk to lactic acid and some proteins are broken down and converted to peptides particularly making yogurt easily digestible and better tolerated. Being a milk product already confers many nutrients in yogurt yet, its most peculiar health benefits comes from the presence of these live bacteria in the form of probiotics.


Yogurt health benefitsProbiotcs (meaning “for life”) are best defined by the FAO/WHO as: Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host. These special types of microorganisms have been found to not cause any harm but in fact, studies have proven them to be very healthy because they are helpful in the treatment and prevention of certain ailments. The traditional way of eating probiotics is by fermenting foods (such as yogurt or dietary supplements) with these bacteria and lactobacillus is currently the best case for probiotic therapy.


Health Benefits of Yogurt

  1. Yogurt is better tolerated than milk because of the absence of lactose which has been predigested. This makes it a suitable option for even people who don’t ordinarily tolerate milk.
  2. Thanks to the probiotics, yogurt is particularly helpful in shortening the course of anti-biotic associated diarrhoea
  3. The probiotic content and acidity of yogurt also helps to prevent proliferation of pathogenic/harmful microorganisms thereby preventing gut infections.
  4. Yogurt is a good companion for a healthy colon as it promotes the growth of healthy bacteria (microflora) and is even said to lower the of colon cancer
  5. Being an excellent source of calcium, yogurt like cow milk, is very helpful in the prevention of osteoporosis.
  6. It has higher nutrient contents compared to milk in terms of macro nutrients and micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals)
  7. Yogurt comes in varying quantities of fat content including non-fat (0% fat), or low fat (2% fat) making it a really attractive healthy food companion for anyone on a weight loss diet
  8. A very recent observational study showed that people who regularly eat yogurt (as a low-fat dairy product) where 31% less likely to develop High Blood Pressure as against those who ate no yogurt at all.

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